FAQ - It’s Me 247 Bill Pay

General Information

Services Center Federal Credit Union is launching a new, enhanced, online bill pay. Our new system will include features that will make this valuable tool even better, including:

  • Full integration within online banking
  • Full mobile functionality for your phone or tablet
  • Ability to configure email alerts
  • Real-time access to checking account balance
  • Reminders if balance isn’t sufficient to pay bills
  • A more intuitive, user-friendly experience

In order to roll out the enhanced version, we’ll need to tempo­rarily turn off our current It’s Me 247 Bill pay for a short period prior to our upgrade. Beginning May 10th, 2016 after 8:00 am and ending May 11th, 2016 after 9:00 am you will not have access to It’s Me 247 Bill pay.

In the meantime – Here’s what you need to do:

  • Document your current payees, including your account number, payee name, contact information, etc.
  • Note the dates of the system upgrade
    • Bill pay access with be unavailable: May 10, 2016 @ 8:00 am
    • Our New Bill pay system will be available: May 11, 2016 @ 9:00 am
  • Call, email or visit your local branch for any questions or concerns
      Yankton – 609 W 21st St - 605-665-4309
      Springfield – 1501 Walnut St - 605-369-2909
      Parkston – SD Hwy 37 - 605-928-7520

Do I Need To Set Up My Payees Again?

Yes. Our upgraded system is easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly enter payees.

Record your current payees prior to the upgrade:

We have created a payee data collection form which will allow you to record your payee information.

To record a list of your billers, you must login to the current bill pay system no later than May 10, 2016 before 8:00 am.

Follow these simple steps to obtain your Payee Information:

  • Login to your Bill Pay Account
  • View Your Payment Center
  • Click on the Icon next to the Bill you wish to obtain information from
  • Click Details
  • Click Show to view full account number and further Payee details.
  • Validate that you are not a robot.
  • Document all necessary details listed on the Payee Info Collection Form.

And you’re done!

Will My Payments Still Process During The Upgrade?

Yes. While you will not have access to bill pay for a short period of time your scheduled payments will processes during our upgrade window. We encourage you to complete the Payee-Info Collection Sheet to ensure you can verify your scheduled payments post upgrade.

Will I Be Able To See My Payment History?

No. Your payment history will not be able to be carried forward into our upgraded system.

To download your bill pay data, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your bill pay account
  • Select the ‘ACTIVITY’ tab
  • You can download your completed payment history to a comma-separated values (CSV) file

Will Payments Process Differently Than The Current System?

With the current bill pay system, your payment could be sent as a member draft check, corporate check, or an electronic payment. The new system will no longer send a corporate check from your account.


You will no longer select the ‘deliver by’ date when scheduling payments. The new system will ask you what day you want to ‘send’ your payment. Here is an example of the difference:

Current Method: You would schedule a payment to be delivered by 08/12/16. The bill pay system will then send your payment prior to the payment date so that your payment would arrive by said date.

New Method: You will pick the day that you want your payment to be processed. You will notice that we will display the estimated delivery date for your convenience.

Will I Still Have My Statements Delivered To Bill Pay?

Your electronic bill will not carry over to the new system. If your payee is currently sending your bill to bill pay, you will be automatically un-enrolled when we turn off bill pay. To switch to paper bills prior to the system enhancement, you would need to login to your current bill pay account and un-enroll from the electronic copy. This should be done at your earliest convenience so you can work with your biller to determine your new billing preference. If you do not request an un-enrollment prior to the enhancement, we will be notifying your biller to no longer send your bill electronically to bill pay. You should contact your biller to confirm how your bills will be delivered moving forward.

Will I Still Use The Payment Inquiry Tool To Submit Questions About My Bill?

The payment inquiry tool will no longer be available within bill pay. If you have a question about your bill, you can contact our member service department by giving us a call or stopping by your local branch.

I Have Added External Accounts To My Bill Pay. Will I Still Be Able To Transfer Money Between These Accounts?

The Account-to-Account (A2A) feature will no longer be available with the enhancement. If you have added an external account for these transfers, the information will not be carried over to our new system. We are excited to announce that we will be offering a Person-to-Person (P2P) program. You will have the convenience of sending money to anyone located in the United States by sending a secure text message or email.

What Is Person-To-Person?

The Person-to-Person program allows you to electronically send money to any individual located in the United States. You will not be asked to enter their account number and routing number. Instead – you will be asked to specify how you wish to send the payment. You will be able to send either a secure text message or email communication. With your transfer, you will enter a password that should be provided to the recipient. They will be sent a secure website that walks them through the steps of collecting the money you sent.

What If I Am Not An Active Bill Pay User?

If you currently do not use It’s Me 247 Bill pay you will not be affected by this upgrade.

Bill Pay Key Terms

  • ELECTRONIC PAYEE: Merchant allows payments to be processed electronically. (Processing Time: 1-2 Business Days)
  • PAPER CHECK PAYEE: Merchant will receive a physical check in the mail delivered by the United States Postal System (USPS). (Processing Time: 7 Business Days)
  • MANAGED PAYEE: The bill pay vendor and the payee have established a relationship to better deliver payments on behalf of the member. The payment address is not displayed to member because the information is considered proprietary information to the vendor.
  • RECURRING PAYMENTS: User-defined request for automatic payments for a specific payee. The member will define the payment amount, frequency, start date, and end date.
  • EBILL: Payment (bill) information will display within your Bill pay Dashboard. This information will provide you with the important items such as Payment Date, Amount Due, and Available Balance (if applicable).

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